ZOTL 40 Reference

Reference Power Amplifier


The ZOTL40 Reference amplifier is hand-built with premium components in Takoma Park, MD  by Linear Tube Audio and designed by David Berning, one of the world’s premier amplifier designers.  

Over the past year LTA has been diving into serious design development to expand and grow their business and in the process found opportunities to bring fresh insights and refinements into every one of the products in their lineup, including the ZOTL40 reference power amplifier.  

The process to develop the ZOTL40 reference amp (MK III) included:

  • A thorough audit of the design and engagement with clientele and about how best to improve the product. 

  • A rigorous testing phase including careful component auditioning (review & final selection) with a broad range of available loudspeakers on the market to produce an informed and balanced result based on what people want. 

  • Design & manufacturing of a new chassis with a little help from Tektonics Design Group, the Industrial Design & Manufacturing firm behind Fern & Roby Audio. This included careful selection of materials and finishes, but also emphasized manufacturability, plus grounding and shielding design considerations.

The result is a significant improvement to the ZOTL40 that makes it one of our favorite power amps and our go to component for guaranteed excellence in a presentation.

LTA’s commitment to delivering awesome value to their clientele is demonstrated by their decision to supply the ZOTL40 reference amp with premium NOS Mullard EL-34 power tubes which really make this updated design really sing! 

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