Ultralinear ZOTL Power Amp

LTA Reference Power Amp


David Berning designed, hand-built by Linear Tube Audio, with casework by Fern and Roby audio.

The Linear Tube Audio Ultralinear amplifier is a Zero-Hysteresis Output Transformerless (ZOTL) stereo amplifier that delivers roughly 20 watts per channel. It uses 17JN6 Compactron TV sweep tubes in the output stage and 12au7 tubes in the input stage.

The Ultralinear also features an advanced switching power supply that has been deployed successfully in some of David’s most cherished designs.

This amplifier has earned the right to be called our “favorite” and we believe that if you have the opportunity to audition one, it will quickly become your new reference piece of equipment.


H - 5.5", W - 17", L - 15" (including binding posts)