Ultralinear ZOTL Power Amp

Power Amplifier


This power amplifier has earned the right to be called our “favorite” and we believe that if you have the opportunity to audition one, it will quickly become your new reference piece of equipment.

The LTA Ultralinear is the latest ZOTL amplifier design by David Berning, utilizing his Zero-hysteresis Output Transformerless audio design and his unique power supply.

The  LTA Ultralinear outputs 20 watts per channel using 17JN6 tubes, a Compactron-style TV sweep tube that can't be easily used in traditional transformer-coupled amplifier designs. The ZOTL circuit is able to take advantage of these great-sounding, under-utilized tubes, and in this case, does so in what can be considered the only ultralinear amp without traditional output transformers.

David designed the amplifier specifically for high efficiency speakers.  A balance between triode and pentode mode, the ultralinear topology delivers a less forward presentation which is "more pleasing to listen to".  The Ultralinear delivers accuracy, detail and realism.  Pianos sound like pianos. The bass is controlled but fluid. Very transparent, no hum and very dynamic.