ModWright Ph 9.0

MM / MC Tube Phono Pre-amplifier


ModWright's PH 9.0 is our favorite tube based phono preamp

  • It pairs beautifully with our turntables and our favorite cartridges.
  • It is flexible in application and delivers everything you need.
  • It is very well crafted and smartly designed.
  • The U/X is thoughtful and straightforward
  • It does a fantastic job of shepherding the signal into line level and is a revealing amplifier that delivers uncompromising full range results.
  • It doesn't cut any corners in terms of the power supply or the quality of the components used in the elegant design of the circuit.

PH9.0X Upgrade

The PH9.0X elevates an already great design to an entirely different class of phono preamps. Details about the upgrade:

  • The addition of a pair of Lundahl gapped output transformers commonly used in SET tube amps, eliminating of a pair of chokes and coupling caps in the signal path.
  • The circuit design is takes several steps closer to ModWright's PH150 reference phono preamplifier to improve performance while keeping costs down.

Explanation of the upgrade:

Eliminating the coupling caps simply cleans up the signal because no coupling cap sounds better than
the best coupling cap. This can be done, because the output transformers can absorb the DC voltage
present at the outputs that the coupling caps otherwise block.
The chokes are replaced also, as the primary winding of the output transformer serves the same
purpose, but does so with a much higher inductance, translating to better bass and performance

Balanced (XLR) outs and RCA outs included in PH9.0X:
Balanced outputs are automatically possible because the output of the transformer is a balanced signal.
The RCA outs are also fed from this same transformer however, but obviously not balanced. This means
that a toggle switch is needed to toggle from RCA to XLR outs. If you connect RCA outs when the toggle
is in the XLR position, it will sound wrong because the grounding is not right for single-ended operation.
Both RCA and XLR outs should both sound the same. It really depends on whether the preamp or
integrated amp that you are connected the PH 9.0 to, prefers a balanced or single ended (RCA)
This is different than our $300 XLR balanced upgrade, which simply adds a pair of 1:1 Edcor transformers
to the existing circuit, to provide a balanced output. Only the balanced signal goes through the
transformers in this case. The ‘X’ upgrade is a redesign, not just an addition of transformer coupled
balanced XLR’s