Ph 9.0

MM / MC Tube Phono Pre-amplifier


Over the past few years we have gotten to know Dan from ModWright Instruments as we crossed paths at shows across the USA. Dan first asked us to supply him with a Montrose turntable last year at AXPONA. This was a great experience for us and established a solid foundation of trust that he shared our values and approach to quality in sound and craftsmanship. This year's AXPONA will be the 4th show we are doing together and we couldn't be happier to have Dan present the Montrose for us.

Over the past year, my interest in his Ph 9.0 tube phono preamp steadily increased until I finally asked him if I could audition one in my system at home. Dan immediately sent me one and I spent an enjoyable month listening to it with all of my favorite music and gear.

After this, I decided that we needed to be able to sell the Ph 9.0 to our clientele. 

  • It couples beautifully with our turntables and our favorite cartridges.
  • It is flexible in application and delivers everything you need.
  • It is very well crafted and smartly designed.
  • The U/X is thoughtful and straightforward
  • It does a fantastic job of shepherding the signal into line level and is a revealing amplifier that delivers uncompromising full range results.
  • It doesn't cut any corners in terms of the power supply or the quality of the components used in the elegant design of the circuit.

After all of this we have to add that we just really like Dan and how he runs his business, so we are proud to announce that we are now authorized dealers of the ModWright Instruments Ph 9.0. If you are interested in one of the fantastic phono preamps please don't hesitate to call us or email us! We will be happy to discuss this excellent product with you. 


We will be presenting the Ph 9.0 with the Tredegar in our room at AXPONA next week so if you are planning on attending please come visit us in Room 606! You can also see our Montrose Deck and Uni-pivot tonearm with the Ph 9.0 with ModWright and Studio Electric in room 354.