Weiss Helios DAC

Reference DAC


We have been huge fans of Weiss DACs since we got our first DAC501 and later brought the simpler DAC204 in as an entry point into a great DAC for our clientele. All of the Weiss products have made us very happy so we decided to bring in the Helios for our most uncompromising clientele. Simply put, it is exceptionally good and a joy to listen to.

Originating in Weiss Engineering’s product line for professional mastering studios, the HELIOS is truly a zero-compromise DAC. For those seeking the same representation of their music as mastering engineers hear when fine-tuning the audio in the studio, the HELIOS is the unit to get. The Helios is a powerful product packed with features including a reference quality streamer and a powerful Digital Signal Processor (DSP) to help you dial in your system and room.  To learn more about the specs you can visit the Weiss site here.

We have the Helios, the DAC501, and the DAC204 here in our showroom for clientele who want to come listen:)

Call or Email us with any questions you may have, we are here to help!

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