The Montrose Kit

$6,750 - (Table, Cartridge, Preamp, + More)


Many of our clients want a complete package, so we have put this set together, along with a healthy discount to make it easy for our clientele to get started listening to their music! If we have missed something you want, just ask us to talk to you!

We are providing the Montrose Turntable with the following:

- The Maverick Phono preamp with either MM or MC Daughterboard, set up for a Denon 103r cartridge (included in the $6,750) 

*you can upgrade to the Hana SL Low output cart which is one of our favorites and a great value (package price: $6,999.95). 

If you want a top of the line cartridge we recommend the SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC. It will deliver unbelievable detail and coherent bass that will make every penny worth it! Soundsmith has a generous policy to repair and re-tip for $350 because they understand that you are making an investment. (package price with the Zephyr MIMC: $7,999.95)

***if you are interested in a (Moving Iron cartridge) our highest quality carts please email us at to inquire we are happy to work with you to select the best one for your system.***

Contact us to discuss options

or call:
(804) 233 - 5030