The Montrose Turntable

$6,950 includes tonearm


The Montrose Turntable was designed to help you get the most out of your music. A turntable should deliver the best sound possible and be easy for anyone to setup and get to this goal without frustration. These are the most important driving factors in our design process! 

It was also crucial to us that our turntable is easy to fit into your home and decor, because everyone cares about how their homes look. We believe a great design aesthetic should stand on its own and compliment its environment whatever that environment may be.

The bottom line is that this instrument's purpose is to introduce and deliver the musician and their art into your home and make it a good experience for you to relax and recharge or dance and celebrate with your friends! This is why we are in this business and what we love about the challenge of designing a great turntable! 

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