The Montrose Turntable

$7,500 - (Table, Cartridge, Preamp, + More)


Many of our clients want a complete package, so we have put together a great set of components with our Montrose Turntable.

We are providing the Montrose Turntable with the following:

- The Maverick Phono preamp with either MM or MC Daughterboard, set up for a Denon 103r cartridge (included in the $7,500) 

*you can upgrade to the Hana SL Low output cart which is one of our favorites and a great value (package price: $7,999.95). 

***if you are interested in a (Moving Iron cartridge) our highest quality carts please email us at to inquire we are happy to work with you to select the best one for your system.***

Contact us to discuss options

or call:
(804) 233 - 5030