The Montrose Turntable

Fern & Roby


2017 was a productive year and we made a lot of improvements to the Montrose Turntables. The Unipivot Tonearm saw the most improvement including; refinements to the connection hardware between components, a new head shell with a modular effective mass weight and offset angle adjustment, plus additional overhang adjustment, and introductions of adjustment scales to calibrate the tonearm and cartridge. 

We also upgraded the tonearm cable to our own silver plated copper, four conductor cable enveloped in a silver plated copper braided shield with a thin plastic insulator. This new cable delivers excellent sonic results and reduces mechanical force on the tonearm. 

Additionally we incorporated the features to make upgrading to add the Maverick phono preamp, making the Montrose with the On-board Maverick one of the most affordable, complete reference grade phono sources. 


$5,750 with Unipivot Tonearm
Add $600 for On-board Maverick MM/MC Phono Preamp

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