The Tredegar Turntable

F&R Reference

Our Reference turntable is everything you could want out of a premium hifi analog source in terms of engineering and thoughtful design features that make it a pleasure to use and listen to. It is designed to nostalgically refer back to classic turntable designs while using sculptural and industrial materials that make it a luxurious and lovely object that is distinct and unique.

Our design is defined by a high-mass and balanced platter concept using a 65-pound cast-iron plinth that lowers resonance and achieves vibration-dampening as a result of the material properties and design of the form. It has a cast and turned 35-pound balanced brass platter. 

We offer the Tredegar with our own Unipivot tonearm and the excellent arms made by Frank Schröder a wonderfully talented and skilled designer and craftsman from Berlin, Germany. 

Please inquire to audition at a listening room in Richmond, Virginia. 


available upon request


18.5" L x 13.5" W x 3.5" H
Weight : Approx. 100 lbs

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