The Ravens



Our Ravens celebrate our love of modern furniture design and the commitment to excellent sonics. The details and form are a collaboration of our entire team here at Fern & Roby with our new Creative Director (Jeremy Zietz) delivering some amazing design and craftsmanship, as well as leadership in this effort. I was very proud to watch my team at work on this one, taking a concept I have been exploring for the past year and running with it with perfect execution. The rest of our team is made up of Jason Paulding, Clark Brummett, Alex Snyder, and Eric Crider who all contributed to this stunning product's creation!

The Ravens have amazing high efficiency single drivers (96db) made by our friends at Seas in Norway, that deliver crisp details with snares, snaps, and other sharp sounds having a depth in then, while remaining smooth and warm in the more tonal elements like voices, horns, and string instruments. Our enclosure was designed to deliver a realistic bass register, emphasizing speed, and phase alignment that makes you want to get up and dance.


Efficiency: 96 db

Impedance: 4 ohms

Range: 30 Hz -20,000 Hz

Short term power handling: 100 watts

Long term power handling: 35 watts

2 Cubic foot ported enclosure with 42 Hz crossover point, 6 db slope

When installing the plug to make the enclosures a sealed box with a nice low Q, the Ravens crossover at 67 Hz and roll off with a 3 db slope to make them perfect to integrate with an excellent Sub for those who want to get down into the 20 Hz range...

In the ported configuration, they easily get down into the low 30 Hz range and deliver stunning, realistic bass. 

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