Soundsmith Strain Gauge



The Strain Gauge 210 is truly one of the best cartridge / phono amplification systems available for vinyl enthusiasts with serious decks and great collections of music on LPs. 

If you are looking for something truly unique and wonderful and want it now, email me at I will be happy to talk to you about the Strain Gauge systems. The SG-210 features both +15dB single ended variable outputs and fixed outputs. The +15 dB variable outputs allow using the SG-210 directly with your power amplifier, eliminating the requirement for a line amplifier in a vinyl playback system. They may also be used to match levels with other line sources in a multi-source system. The fixed level outputs may be used for recording or sourcing into a second system, and are not affected by the volume control.

This SG-210 we have in stock has a SG-5 stylus and a spare SG-6 stylus as a backup. The stylii are made at the same time as the preamp so that they are matched to each other.