Silver Reference Step Up Transformer

Dave Slagle

Step Up Transformers or SUTs are an amazing part of the world of turntables & the complete eco-system of the phono source, but also a challenging and esoteric arena to enter into without a great guide. 

Our friend David Slagle is our guide in this aspect of the pursuit of great audio and phono and we are happy to recommend his Step Up Transformers to our clientele. These excellently designed and handcrafted products are made by someone who cares about what you will get out of the experience. Each one is made from scratch for every client after a consultation with Dave and I would compare this to having an artisan build you a guitar or a fitted performance bike. It is not a commodity grade product but rather an excellent tailor made object. We don't sell Dave's work but we use his Step Ups in our Reference system and we are happy to refer ur client's to him.

You can learn more about Dave's work and contact him to discuss building an SUT for your system here.