Raven II

Bookshelf Speakers


The Raven Bookshelf Speakers are designed to deliver stunning sound while fitting into the space you have designed to comfortably live in. We recognize that spaces are smaller and not everyone has an audiophile's budget so we looked back at some products in the past that successfully accomplished the same goals. East Coast Sound speakers like the KLH-17 were ubiquitous for a reason. They were well designed and considered the needs of their clients to have speakers that fit easily into bookshelves but could also be used in other setting and configurations. My family had a pair and they provided the foundation for our celebration of music in our daily life. 

In this design we wanted to hearken back to this nostalgic reference, deliver something well suited to modern life, and raise the bar in sound quality. The Raven II (Bookshelf Speakers) are designed to be driven by amplifiers with as little at 10 Watts per channel. These amazing drivers are made from our friends at Seas in Norway. They are 96 db efficient, with a 4 Ohm impedance. The frequency response is 30 Hz to 20,000.

Our enclosure is a sealed box that starts rolling off in the mid 60's with a gentle 3 db slope. The Raven II Bookshelf Speakers are designed to optimally deliver excellent bass in a bookshelf and when they are "corner loaded" in a room. They are also ideally designed to integrate with a sub.

These speakers and the larger floor standing version (The Ravens) were designed with the new Z10 integrated amp in mind. Designed in collaboration with Linear Tube Audio to deliver Audiophile grade sound in a single component, the Z10 is an amazing companion for either pair of the Ravens.