Maverick Phono Preamplifier 3.0

$599.95 each (base price)


We designed the Fern & Roby Maverick 3.0 Phono Pre-Amp to be a superb phono that unapologetically wouldn't break the bank. We believe that an awesome phono preamplifier can do a lot for any analog system. The Maverick 3.0 is a great and affordable reference phono preamp that can be set up for any of the great cartridges available these days. If you want to immediately improve your analog experience the Maverick 3.0 is a great place to start.  Just let us know what kind of cartridge you have (Moving Magnet or Moving Coil) and we will help you determine what is best for you and then set up the preamp for your needs. 

Email us with any questions!