Maverick Phono Preamp

Moving Magnet / Moving Coil


We believe that curating the signal carefully at your source is the foundation of a great Analog System, and over the past couple years, we have been exploring what qualities would make us happy to have in a great phono preamplifier. Here is some of what we learned & then built into our Maverick Phono Pre:

  • A great power supply is essential (if you have noise in your line, you are going to be listening to the noise too!)
  • Great Shielding (an excellent chassis that protects the preamp from outside interference).
  • An Outboard Power Supply keeps the noise away from sensitive audio circuits & keeps the clutter down around your turntable.
  • Close proximity to the cartridge to minimize long cables before amplification.
  • Flexibility for those who have a high output cartridge but may want to explore something better down the road (MM & MC stages).
  • Easy adjust-ability for the loading & gain specs for a wide variety of low output cartridges.
  • The lowest noise amplification possible at the lowest signal level stage. We love Step Up Transformers (or SUT) for this job).
  • Great materials and components with no steel in the signal path.
  • Excellent grounding design.