HiFi #02

Raven II - Z40 - Setsuna


Our goal at Fern & Roby is to help deliver your favorite artists' music into your home. 

We know the world of HiFi can be tough to wade through, so we decided to put together a world class but simple system to make it easy to get started. HiFi #02 is a perfect option for those who want the best quality sound in a compact package.  

The Raven II Loudspeakers ($5,750 / pair) are the best bookshelf speakers we have produced. They deliver astounding detail & range and fit into any space. They are great for low level listening and also sound great at loud levels with your favorite Rock and Roll. The Z40i integrated amp ( $7,650 without phono pre ) is made by people who love music, tube amp design, and  who are committed to their excellent craft. It is our favorite LTA integrated amp with the Raven II Loudspeakers. Black Cat's Setsuna loudspeaker cables ($1,299  / 1.5m) are our preferred choice for high efficiency systems and are made by another great partner we love working with.

Enjoy your favorite source of music whether it is digital or analog. And if you want a Fern & Roby turntable to go with your new HiFi, just give us a call or email us here. info@fernandroby.com

We would be happy to help you put a complete system together.

This collection of great equipment will make your adventure into HiFi a simple & straight forward experience.