Concert Fidelity - CF-i300B

Integrated Amp


We first heard this amazing amp last year at Capital Audiofest when Chris Sommovigo of Black Cat cable put our Tredegar turntable together with the Concert Fidelity CF-i300b. Since then we arranged to borrow it for a healthy audition with our Ravens in our new factory showroom in Richmond. After a couple weeks, we asked if we could keep it for a couple more... The bottom line is that we just could not let it go back to Chris so we have arranged to add this amazing product to our line up. 

The 300b architecture developed by Masataka Tsuda, founder and chief designer of Concert Fidelity, delivers a profound range and a rich transparent quality that will make you come back for more over and over again.

The CF-i300b is a perfect amplifier to go with one of our excellent turntables & a pair of Ravens. When connected together by Black Cat's Setsuna interconnects and speaker cables this combination is just absolutely wonderful. 

If you are interested in putting a system together with us we would be happy to set up a phone call.

Showroom phone: 804-233-5030