Black Cat Cable

Speaker, Interconnects, Power, Digital

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Black Cat Cable is made by hand, right here in the United States by our friend Chris Sommovigo. The first time we got our hands and eyes on a set of his cables we knew we had found something that matched the quality and spirit of what we do with our products. Chris is someone who understands that a product needs to address all of our senses. His cables are part of every system we set up for ourselves and for our clientele because they sound amazing, are reliable mechanically, feel good to handle and install, and are beautiful to look at. 

We have worked with Chris regularly over the past 5 years to help him with small projects like tooling for some of his cable making processes and consider him one of our trusted collaborators in audio.

If you are interested in some cables from Black Cat, please give us a call or email us and we will set you up!

*Price is based on the cables selection and length.