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Marc Phillips of Part-Time Audiophile about our room with ModWright Instruments at Capital AudioFest 2019: There’s one reason for this enthusiasm for Fern and Roby, and that’s it right there…enthusiasm. To me, this gear looks great, sounds great, and as I mentioned in my Raven review these are lifestyle products that bond with you and your sensibilities. I get excited when I see this gear, especially in my home.

Art Dudley for Stereophile Magazine [2016 Capital Audiofest Report]: "In terms of recreating music's temporal drive and momentum, the system demonstrated by Virginia-based Fern & Roby...was rhythmical engaging and and very involving overall. There were probably more bobbing heads and tapping feet in the room than at a Linn dealer-training session! (Imagine smiley emoji here.)"

Art Dudley for Stereophile Magazine  [2015 Capital Audiofest Report]: "...among the most aesthetically satisfying, cleverly designed, and, above all, fairly priced American audio products in recent memory."

Herb Reichert for Stereophile Magazine [2015 Capital Audiofest Report]: "Fern & Roby make artful-looking, and (to me) an impressive sounding turntable with a 70 lb cast-iron plinth and 35lb bronze platter. I have always believed that most audio gear sounds like what it is made of, how it is made, and what it looks like. I saw their beautiful plinth... and I thought, maybe this will be all show and no go. I thought this might be a lifestyle product...And then I sat and listened."

Dogtown Dish"There is special glory in the process of making..."

Garden & Gun Magazine, Made in the South Awards, 2015: "with a vibration-dampening cast-iron plinth, a solid bronze platter and reclaimed-heart-pine speakers...each made-to-order system sounds as soulful as it looks."

Cool Hunting"Fern & Roby's Turntable is 'A sculptural work of art that will satisfy audiophiles and design lovers.'" 

Dwell Magazine"Fern & Roby is helping to keep American manufacturing alive."

Fast Company"100-Pound Cast Iron Turntable Promises To Sound As Good As It Looks"

Inside Hook: "Handcrafted Furniture. American Pedigree. Furniture That Tells Its Own Story."

Selectism"Fern & Roby balance usability with good-looks, using beautiful local and sustainable materials that encourage the user to interact with the product beyond simply pressing a button."

Uncrate"it should satisfy those with a keen eye for great design and fine art..." and "A true case of sound and design complementing each other."

Wired Magazine"Analog Audio Nirvana..."

Design Milk"Fern & Roby Cube Speakers resonate as audio equipment and sustainably made design objects."

Ledbury"Authenticity and craftsmanship is immediately evident in everything that they make."

"Fern & Roby's furniture combines modern finishes with a reverence for the history of American industry...With a focus on quality materials, the work is created to be passed down as heirlooms." —Dwell Magazine


Fern & Roby Film (shot by Todd Wright Photo/art direction by A For Adventure)