Capital AudioFest 2023

Room 809

November 09, 2023

We always look forward to our local audio show Capital AudioFest where we always encounter great people, new music, and great sound produced by a lot of passionate people who love music and the gear that brings it into our homes. We hope you can make it by to see us in Room 809 this weekend!

Here is what we are showcasing this weekend:

  • Our new Integrated Amp
  • The Montrose Heirloom Turntable with Shroeder CB tonearm
  • The Sculpture A3.P cartridge
  • The ModWright PH 9.0X phono preamplifier
  • The Weiss DAC501 (Streaming Dac with DSP)
  • The Raven III speakers in Ash
  • The F&R Equipment Rack in Ash