RMAF 2017: Maverick 3.0 and more!

October 06, 2017

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest is exciting for us this year, not least because we'll be sharing a room with our friends from Linear Tube Audio and DeVORE Fidelity.

Also super-cool this time around: Black Cat Cable is generously providing all our interconnects!

The most important reason we're coming to the Denver show this year is to showcase the modifications to our Montrose and Montrose Heirloom turntables, as well as show off our new Maverick 3.0 Phono Preamp.

For the Montrose series, we've isolated the motor in our turntables to reduce any vibrations the motor would create.

We’ve also updated our i/o board in our tonearm adapter (Mini XLR input to Balanced RCA output), making it easier to manufacture and assemble. Additionally, we've made our Maverick capable of being an on-board unit (our Maverick can of course be used out-board as well making it a very versatile component).   

Other notable recent modifications were made to our tonearms--  by engraving a small scale on the ferrule that sits between the headshell and the wand, we've created an easy way to keep track of your azimuth movements. 

Come see us in room 1002 at the Denver Marriott Tech Center, or email me at Christopher@fernandroby.com with your questions, I'd love to hear from you.