AXPONA Rave from Part-Time Audiophile

"Utterly unique and breathtaking"

May 12, 2017

Our friends Scott Hull and Rafe Arnott from Part-Time Audiophile came to hang out at our room at the AXPONA show in Chicago last month.

This was actually the first time Fern & Roby had been to AXPONA--we were happy to be sharing a room with Voxativ again, since we'd hit it off with them at RMAF last fall and of course love their beautiful and amazing hi-fi products.

Rafe from PTA was really enthusiastic about our gear!  He took some incredible photographs of our tables and ended up writing a room review that made us blush:

"If the Tredegar is a Dreadnaught, think of the Montrose as a Corvette. The industrial design, the classic lines, the materials used… the patina to every component, and aspect of these two turntable designs is utterly unique, breathtaking, and has to really be seen (and touched) to be truly appreciated."

He also sat down to record my thoughts on how we have evolved in our process and design history, and what details we want to embed in our audio components. Click through the gallery here, and please be sure to visit the full piece on their site for the video of our conversation.