Fern & Roby Announces New Design Resources for Interior Design Professionals

We now offer downloadable Revit, DWG and Sketchup files for our furniture line

August 19, 2015

The Fern & Roby furniture line was developed to provide locally-made and responsibly-produced solutions to architects and interior designers for commercial and residential projects.

Throughout the development of the line we have discovered that our bases can be broadly flexible in application and we have tailored our offering to give great control to you in use. We have provided recommended ranges of sizes of tops for each type of base and a full capability to integrate I.T. into most everything in the line.   In order to facilitate integration with architects and interior designers, we have recently developed digital design resources for each product to make it easy to incorporate them into your solid models and renderings. Simply go to our design resources page and download the product’s zip files, each of which will have the following:

  • Revit family of the product in the folder (programmed with our recommended ranges of sizes and selectable variables).
  • A simple solid digital model in DWG and Sketchup format.
  • Hi-res images of the materials for rendering.
  • Hi-res images of the product.
  • An editable pdf tear sheet for simple communication with clients, contractors, purchasing agents and Fern & Roby.
  • A jpeg schematic drawing of the product.

Our materials are largely salvaged, reclaimed, or recycled. Our manufacturing program includes a close relationship with OK Foundry just five blocks from our facility in Old Manchester, Richmond. Much of the product made at OKF starts from locally sourced scrap and recycled content, tightening the carbon footprint and providing a very efficient local life cycle of materials. We cast our metal bases in cast-iron, bronze and aluminum. Our standard offering and selection of materials for our wood tops are primarily reclaimed and salvaged materials from decommissioned buildings, but we can provide any material available upon request. We would welcome any and all feedback from design professionals in terms of how to make this work even better for you--please be in touch, we would love to hear from you! Cheers, Christopher & Sara